Over 24 Years Experience

I am commited to your success. My CLNC certification qualifies me to quickly and cost-effectively review cases in any medical and nursing specialty, making attorneys workload more manageable and allowing attorneys more time to focus on the legal aspects of each case. I began my medical journey as an STNA before becoming a LPN and finally a RN. I possess a wealth of knowledge and first hand experience with issues that attorney’s face in medical related cases.

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Home Health
Physician Office
Long Term Care
Wound Care
IV Therapy
Skilled Nursing
Triage Nurse
Nurse Management
Telephonic Case Management

Our Process

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During this meeting we will discuss your case and what services would best fit your need. We will cover what to expect, time lines and pricing, so that you fel confident in your case and our services.

Court Preparation

Once the scope of work has been finalized we journey with you throughout the proceedings, ensuring you are comfortable with the medical information.

Final Presentation

Finally, our findings are formally prepared and maximized to support you in your case, whether that be in an analysis, visual presentation or other format. We guarentee the highest quality and most informative deliverables for success in your case.

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